Our Team

If you have a specific question for one of our staff members below are a list of our team e-mails.
General questions can be directed below to the store information email.

Bev Klassen - bevk@loriscountrycottage.com

Cheryl Sawchyn - cheryl@loriscountrycottage.com

Chris Ligard - chris@loriscountrycottage.com

Elaine Xenos - elaine@loriscountrycottage.com

Evelyn Osbaldeston - evelyn@loriscountrycottage.com

Freda Lorentz - freda@loriscountrycottage.com

Gail Schaffler - gail@loriscountrycottage.com

Judy AtLee - judy@loriscountrycottage.com

Laura Catto - laura@loriscountrycottage.com

isa Bernhard - lisa@loriscountrycottage.com

Lois Schatz - lois@loriscountrycottage.com

Lori Bosecke - lori@loriscountrycottage.com

Sharon Dimond - sharon@loriscountrycottage.com

Bernice Aebly - bernice@loriscountrycottage.com

ori's Country Cottage
250 - 130 Broadway Blvd.,  Sherwood Park, Alberta  T8H 2A3
Phone: 780-464-9697   Toll Free: 877-464-9697


Hours of Operation

M-F 10 am-5:30 pm Thu 10 am-9 pm  Sat 10 am-5 pm

Sun (Oct 15-Apr 1) noon - 4 pm

Closed All Holidays