Perfect Endings

Dig those projects out of your closet - you are about to get them done! During this full day class you will learn many techniques to help you finish your quilt once it has been quilted.

Basics of Quilting - Begins: Sep 25

This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to learn to quilt and covers all the basic information you'll need as you piece together a beautiful quilt.

Machine Quilting - Begins Sep 25

This machine quilting class is a 3 hour class that will allow you to learn some of the basics in order to set up your machine and get started on a small project to have some fun and play a little. Kit included

Sep 26
Elephant Abstractions - Begins: Sep 26
Sep 26
Laura Heine Collage - Begin Sep 5
Sep 27
UFO/Scrap Daze